Wnet Router

Wnet high speed Router provided by Wataniya gets you connected to the internet in no time, at the comfort of your home! Whether on your PC or laptop, you are assured to have an access to a wireless connectivity better than DSL.


Benefits of having Wnet router

  • Multiple users can log on at the same time
  • Coverage all over Kuwait
  • You can have your own secure*(password protected) little "Wi-Fi" at home
  • You can connect your PC via Ethernet or Laptop through wireless access

Get this Service

How to get this service

Visit any of our Retail outlets, Authorised dealers or

Call W-Delivery Hotline 66996666 for free delivery within 90 Minutes!

Getting Started

What you need to get started

  • Wnet Router
  • Quick steps on how to get started with this super fast service!
  • Data sim card
Hardware Price
Wnet Router (Option GS II) KD 99

Subscription Fees for Wnet High speed

1 month 6 months 1 year
KD 25/- KD 135/- KD 240/-


Frequently asked questions:

  • 1. What do I need to have in my Laptop/PC to use the Wnet Router/Pocket WiFi Router?

    PC Users  PC equipped with Ethernet card / Wireless LAN device (Wi-Fi)

    Laptop Users  Laptop equipped with Ethernet card / Wireless LAN Adaptor (Wi-Fi)

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  • 2. Can I connect router to multiple computers? Yes you can. However, the speed will be slower. The more simultaneous users there are, the slower the speed. Back to top
  • 3. What is the range of the router?

    In an open space area, the range can go up to 10 meters. But if you have internal walls, it may just cover the adjacent rooms.

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  • 4. How can I put a security lock on my router?

    Please follow the below steps to put a security lock on your Option Router, so that no one is allowed to access it without your permission. And you are fully secured.

    • Enter on the internet explorer address box
    • Type the user name and password? Admin
    • Scroll down to Encryption field > select WEP > press OK
    • Go to Key Type Field, select the number of characters you would like as a password
    • Go to Pre-Shared Key, enter your password, equivalent to the number of characters you selected in the Key Type Field
    • Press Apply and Ok
    • Each time you would like to connect, the system will ask for the password,
    • Simply enter and confirm, and you will be automatically logged in
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